God cares more about where you are going . . .
than where you came from.

Church on the Hill

Church on the Hill was built in 1973, as a Free Methodist expression of a New Testament community of believer's who place their faith in Jesus Christ. As you know, He is the One in whom we 'celebrate' at Christmas, 'remember' on Good Friday, 'and rejoice in' on Easter Sunday

Yes,we are Christians who are learning to love, forgive and grow together. We are an imperfect people who have put our faith in God who loves us just as we are, and we are learning to let Jesus, and His teaching in the Bible- (which stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ) B-I-B-L-E., to teach us how to overcome hangups in our lives, grow up to be better citizens of earth, in our communities, in our families, and the workplace. In other-words we are learning and helping each other to become more Christ-like. Not an easy task, but a task that God is more than capable of accomplishing in our lives, if we let Him.

Look, if God can forgive, and greatly use a vile and angry terrorist , who sent people to their deaths, like the Apostle Paul, then He can save and wonderfully remake any one of us! It's amazing what God can do and did for Paul. If you want to know more about it, then read the book of Acts, in the Bible; especially Acts chapter 9.

We want to be an expression of the love and grace of God expressed through Jesus' life and death, resurrection, and presence in our lives.

As I said we are not perfect, just forgiven; and often we don't get it right. Some-days its three steps forward, and two steps back. And God never gives up on us. Because of that, it is our goal not to give up on ourselves, or each other.

We are discovering, like Paul did, that true spirituality is recognizing our weaknesses. It is then, and only then, that we can we make room for God's grace and strength to save us, not just from perdition, but from our own selfishness, ego, and pride, which as you know, causes more hurt and the ruin of many friendships and relationships.

Christ, and following His ways brings both restoration in our relationship with God and with each other.

As we see God at work restoring our lives, it is our hope and prayer that you too will discover God's grace and hope, through the way of Jesus, in a community of believers, such as ours.

And you are welcome to come out and experience Christ with us, as God is all embracing, and His desire is to include all people, which means you as well!