God cares more about where you are going . . .
than where you came from.

Who are we?

We are just ordinary people who are loved by, and reconciled to, an extraordinary God, who gave His son Jesus so that we might become adopted as sons and daughters of God the creator, who we now call our heavenly Father. We are from all walks of life, backgounds, and circumstances learning how to love , accept, and forgive as God in Christ has loved, accepted , and forgiven us. We desire to share this good will gift from God, and the blessing of eternal life through Jesus with all who need and want Him.


Church Events

No invitations necessary, come as you are, we will be happy to meet you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more deails: (705) 325-8762.
Sunday 10:30am Morning Service
Tuesday 7:00pm Bible Study
Wed (Oct - May) 11:00am - 1:00pm Ladies Care & Share
2nd Saturday (Oct - May) 10:00am - 3:00pm Sling Shot

Where are we?

Our church is located near the west side of Orillia just west of Mississaga Street West on 96 Quinn Ave.

When you come to the city of Orillia, as you turn onto Mississaga Street West off of Highway #12 drive about 1 kilometer. Then on the left you will see a red brick Church just above the only strip mall on your left. Turn left immediately past the strip mall onto Karen Cres and half way up the Hill you will turn right onto Quinn Avenue and then left into the church parking lot. You can't miss the church.